Bioactive Soil Solutions is exactly what our name suggests. We provide soil health solutions for all aspects of the agricultural and horticultural sectors, right across Australia.

We specialise in developing Soil Health Plans for our clients in order to maximise productivity and mitigate against adverse conditions.




Our Soil Health Plans are devised after careful consultation with our clients and a full assessment of the current condition of the soil and the current practices in use on the property.

We assess key areas such as soil disease, salinity, fertiliser and chemical programs, biological health and general soil balance.

Our trained specialists monitor and assess the Soil Health Plan on an ongoing basis to ensure that the best possible outcomes are being achieved and the soil is performing to its maximum potential.

Our program is proven across all industry sectors, including: production nurseries, broad acre, vegetables, fruit trees, turf, beef & dairy farms, potatoes, vineyards, olives, flower growers, saffron, sugar cane, bananas, landscaping, nuts, golf courses and bowling greens.

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Come and visit Bioactive Soil Solutions and their distributor in Tasmania at Agfest.Starting on Thursday May 2 and running through to Saturday May 4. We will be situated on Tenth Avenue at site 1036.

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What makes Bactivate® different and a world leader in soil health solutions?
  • Our world leading technology enables us to identify the bacteria species and sub species in our products.
  • We guarantee 20,000,000 bacteria per gram in all granular Bactivate products
  • We guarantee that our bacteria will be in a gram positive form (beneficial) and not in a gram negative form (pathogenic).
  • All of our products have been independently tested and are approved and permitted by AQIS and have been since 2008.

We want to help growers and farmers better understand this science and welcome any questions regarding our products and soil biology in general.