Bactivate Plus is a unique combination of bacillus bacterium, humate and NPK fertiliser, developed to represent a complete fertiliser/soil rebuilder, providing essential nutrients to the soil structure and simultaneously developing biological activity within the soil structure. This blend is specially designed for Turf, Pasture, Ovals, Landscapers, Bowling Greens and Golf Courses.


Bactivate Plus incorporates:

1. Three specific bacillus bacterium

2. Important Trace Elements

 Humic Acid

 Organic Matter

 Organic Nitrogen

3. NPK Fertiliser

This combination will improve tired, nutrient deficient soils.


The bacteria convert all the nutrients available in Bactivate Plus into useable plant foods. This process is conducted within the area of the plant’s developing root system and encourages improvement of the soil structure, thus increasing plant development and yield improvement. Bactivate Plus contains specific, antagonistic strains of Bacillus bacteria that each has a function in nature. These functions can assist in the reduction of chemicals and chemical fertilisers and feed the plant naturally, as nature designed it to.


A reserve of the humate (organic matter) is important in the maintenance of soil fertility. They generate physical and chemical improvements storing moisture and nutritional elements, and acting as protective agents against natural phenomena such as erosion and leaching. Humates through cumulative effect, influence the development of organic matter in soil and harvest yields. The cumulative effect of additional applications of Bactivate Plus will encourage further development of soil structure and quality. 

NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

Availability and uptake of NPK are very important elements of soil health. Affecting the germination process, healthy plant growth and maintenance, seed production and colour.

The NPK within Bactivate Plus can improve strike rates without the need for high doses of urea or similar simple nitrogen additives. The result is healthier plants, increased yields and most importantly, improved soil structure without the build-up of unused or leachable nitrogen.


250Kg per hectare is recommended under most planting conditions.

If the soil structure is a heavy clay or very sandy, application rates will change. Under severe soil disease conditions, an initial application of Bactivate is recommended. Bioactive Soil Solutions always recommends soil testing to achieve the best possible results.

Bactivate Plus:

 Can be broadcast through normal spreading machines (low rotation needed)

 Is easy to apply

 Can be stored up to 3 years

 Must be stored separately from other fertilisers

 Must not be stored in open areas; store in dry areas. All product must be covered. Do not

Store in direct sunlight.


Bactivate 17.5%

Humate 75%

NPK 2.5%