Bioactive Soil Solutions provides a range of services for your business including:

Soil Testing
We provide a range of independent soil tests performed by SWEP Laboratories. Initially, complete soil tests are recommended, offering analysis of cation, nutrient and biology. This allows our specially trained staff to determine the necessary steps to remediating the soil.

Soil Health Plans
Our expert staff discuss the current farm practices with each client and use the data collected from the soil analysis to develop a Soil Health Plan. This plan is a roadmap to addressing issues such as the impact of soil disease, high salinity, lack of organic matter, poor plant health and much more.

Action Plans
Once the client decides on which aspects of the Soil Health Plan they will adopt, an Action Plan is developed, outlining the required activities and timelines needed to be completed.

Distributor of the Bactivate® Range of Products
Bioactive Soil Solutions is the key distributor for the Bactivate range of products nationally. These products have been developed as part of a wholistic farm approach. A specific selection is utilised as required to fit into the individually developed Soil Health Plan for each client.